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Casual work day

Workwear is not just about suit&tie. As soon as your agenda setting allows you so, leave your usual formal uniform made of tailleur or LBD, and get a more essential and smart look. Otherwise said: steal something from your boyfriend wardrobe for a stronger appealing. A male sweater, for example, which is over enough to make you feel comfortable and super chic. Then, paly with colors contrasts to give a female touch to the look, and finish the all with one single accessory not to overdo, like a classic mannish watch.
Photo: Fashionmag

afternoon meeting

There’s one good thing in afternoon meeting: the sooner you finish the better it is, since you can leave office and start enjoying your after-work day. That’s way you need an appropriate look for both the occasions. What you need are simple but well-chosen pieces. Start with a pair of printed pants, teamed with a tailored sharp shape blazer (the leather panel will give the stylish impression, perfect both for the meeting and for the after-work). Everything will be lighten-up by the right accessories: shoes must be mid-heeled (a compromise to overcome the all day standing) and with printed pattern, so to give the right chic twist to the outfit. On the other hand, a big size city bag may be useful to carry all the essential necessaire: from iPad to make-up.
Photo: Vogue.it


There’s one undisputed solution to survive a day in the office: playing with colors. It breaks the monotony and it can make your day. If you opt for the color block, blue is the answer: it’s sober, refined, impeccable, and may guide you, with no regret, from a daily meeting session until an after-work thing. Cobalt is the right choice, but give it a spot of light, like a touch of white that gives the look less rigour and even more elegance.
Photo: Vogue.fr

Monday morning

Ok. The alarm clock’s ringing, you slept nothing and the meeting is in two hours. So, if you wanna taste every single drop of your necessary coffee, bet on your easiest and most classical look, but not seem trite. Choose clear wide leg trousers, maybe lace or silk: they’ll be the masterpiece of your outfit, so complement it with a simple black v neck sweater and give color with great high heel sandal and matched earrings. You’ll be refined and professional and you could enjoy your coffee without worries.
Photo: Topshop.tumblr