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Fashion month

Walking in the streets of fashion this month requires a much more effort than usual. Since it’s fashion month all over the planet, you need to stand out from the crowd. But this doesn’t mean you have to show off odd or exaggerated looks. Like always, sobriety and good taste win over the passing trends. To be perfect all day long, from front row events to the evening cocktails, aim at sophistication with a downtown cool with a tailor made style. Start from a pair of sartorial pants together with a vest, that avoids the monotony of a suit and get the perfect balance between polish and nonchalance effect.
To give a naif result, don’t forget a pair of cat eye sunglasses and then finish with a contrasting jewel, like a leather bracelet.
Photo: Vogue.es

Fashion Week

And onother fashion month stars again. So, take the first flight to New York and let’s style on the street during the first fashion week of the season. The street code is a really rough work, since there are no rules. You have billion options to take account of. You can overstate your look by creating multi-layers outfits or, more easly, you can choose a clean and refined dress, so to be prepared for all the daily events ahead and just be perfect for all the kind of shows.
An elegant cape is just what you need to keep yourself (stylish) safe and (warmth) sound. Team it with your best sheath dress, maybe not a simple LBD, but something more winsome, but without overdoing. At the end, bet on your best accessories, like a printed pair of pump and an ample clutch to bring everything you need during the day.
Photo: Vogue.fr

Fashion Week

Fashion week is a hard work. It’s not just shows and parties and, most important thing, you always need to be impeccable. The difficult part of all, is that there are no rules, no dress codes, so you need to entrust your own style to your daily mood, but without forgetting a touch of eccentricity to standout among everyone. Better not overdoing, an choose one simple outfit, made of a refined printed dress matched with strong accessories, like golden pumps and a studded leather clutch. So to be prepared with a day-to-night look, during the longest week of the year.



Photo from: Glamour.com