Monthly Archives: February 2014

To the show

Style rise on the street of Paris, where another fashion day starts again. Among all the meetings, shows, parties and street walking, sartorial sugar will be your antidote to survive the last days of fashion week. Indulge with an head-to-toe staple look, where oversize coat is the protagonist and tech details give your elegance an unexpected modern twist.
Photo: Claudia Bellotti for Tessabit

Special Evening

Whether you’re attending the most glamorous red-carpet event or entertaining guests at home, there’s always a good reason to master a scene-stealing evening look. And gowns are always the answer for a perfect party look. With spring arising, candy palette is just perfect if paired with the right details. And a smooth moochrome long dress, unexpectedly and extremely feminine crew neck, is the ultimate superchic choice if flaunted with colorful super luxe accessories, like a precious clutch and a maxi studded cuff.

To the office

Running to office is a hard work. That’s why you need a black&white solution for an easy-going start. For instant sophistication, opt for a boy-meets-girl match, playing with soft tailoring for a city-chic result. Update your classic uniform with wide-leg pants and wedge slip on, then give a touch of femininity with a contrasting ladylike cover-up.
Photo: The Cut

Fancy Dinner

How to be impeccable for a lovely and realxing dinner with bff or boyfriend? This season, glamour after dark means ladylike cuts and polished colors. Otherwise said, fine lace and soft palette matches. Set a glamorous tone for your look with a monochrome choice made of a sophisticated embroidered midi hemline together with chic finishing touches like an eternal feminine pair of point-toe decolleté and an embellished clutch.
Photo: Vogue. fr

Job Interview

The most difficult look to prepare (even more difficult than a first date look) is the one for a job interview. You must be sober, but standing out; elegant, but not boring. Of course, it depends a lot on what you’re applying for. But, in any case, the first rule is that you need to look confident in your outfit. Choose simple matches without overdoing, and go bold with details.
Pants are better than a skirt (choose a wide leg model for a more professional result) with a statement belt high on your waist, then match it with tailored and refined details like a shirt (maybe a little bit boysh for a contrasting effect) together with your best jacket. Shoes must be flat and accessories neutral.
Photo: I’m Koo

To a cocktail event

Having a cocktail event scheduled for Monday evening is a good way to start your week. So, once you’ve finished all your stuff at work, make sure to have the best look to flaunt. The easiest way to enhance the simplest of the outfit is choosing a cool blazer. And what is cooler than your well-fitted leather jacket? Leather can be rock and refined at the same time, and it make you just feel comfortable whatever the location. Match it with a tailored pair of colored trousers and soft accessories to create the right contrast, like a lace cross body and a pale pair of sandals.
Photo: The Edit

Off duty

If your’re lucky enough to spend a whole day off for your own business, than it’s time to play on the situation and get the best of your leisurewear with a twist of smartness.
Jeans, of course, are the starting poit, but the rest is the key to a successful look. If you’re looking for a mix and match effect (meaning, leisure, but not too much) whatever the weather, choose an iconic and tailored trench coat for a touch of reliability and playdown with some showy accessory, that you won’t put on daily, like a fluo beanie and a funny leather clutch.
Photo: Streetpeeper

Fashion Week

And onother fashion month stars again. So, take the first flight to New York and let’s style on the street during the first fashion week of the season. The street code is a really rough work, since there are no rules. You have billion options to take account of. You can overstate your look by creating multi-layers outfits or, more easly, you can choose a clean and refined dress, so to be prepared for all the daily events ahead and just be perfect for all the kind of shows.
An elegant cape is just what you need to keep yourself (stylish) safe and (warmth) sound. Team it with your best sheath dress, maybe not a simple LBD, but something more winsome, but without overdoing. At the end, bet on your best accessories, like a printed pair of pump and an ample clutch to bring everything you need during the day.

On a date

If you’re planning a special night out with a special one, then you should be prepared. Every girl on earth knows that dressing up for a date is one of the most difficult thing to arrange. So, how to be speechless? The key is a well-dressed-unstressed effect: otherwise said, be amazing without showing the minimum effort. If this is not a first date, you’d better opt for a dress, maybe printed and coloured, but surely crew-neck and sophisticated. Then, play with accessories, mixing a powerful necklace with a funny clock, so to minimize, and a precious clutch for a dazzling style.
Photo: The Edit


Weekends are made for wandering. Whether you’re planning a tour in a city on the other part of the planet or going to the flea market in front of your door, there’s always a good reason to take your bag and loose yourself in the streets. Layer-up your style starting from a smart cocoon coat so to stay chic&warm, and then steal the spotlight with elegant and comfortable spots of color, like a maxi soft foulard and a big leather shoulder bag to give a glam edge to the look and be perfect for a long day walking.