Monthly Archives: December 2013

Dinner Party

Holidays are all about partying and toasting, and of course styling, too. And this is not easy when it comes to choose the right look to stand out, above all if the occasions are not just Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So, after the 25th and before the 31st, for a dinner celebration, relax your style with a low-effort but high impact look.
The lace-trimmed chemise is the new must. For a less formal result, combine it with a crew neck maxi pull so to be comfortable, warm but still feminine. With the right clutch and sandals, you’ll show off the perfect easy elegance.
Photo: Topshop

Working Monday

Yes, it’s Monday and a new week is ahead. The alarm clock is ringing and outside’s grey and freezing. So, what’s better than updating your Monday outfit with a shade of candy pastel to make a wonderful impression?
An A-line pink skirt is the best choice: sober, elegant and absolutely professional. Mix it up with a soft cropped cashmere sweater and pair of black stiletto, so that Monday won’t be that bad, after all.
Photo: What-do-i-wear

To a rock concert

If you’re thinking about a night out this week-end, a different one, away from dinners and cocktails, then you’d better choose a rock concert.
For your look, the aim is to stand out among the crowd. So, throw your best biker jacket on to really go into the part, but choose it grey or cracked leather, instead of the usual studded black, and then pair it with an unexpected soft blouse, so to be different among all the t-shirts around. Finish with a showy and rocky neclace to give rythm to the outfit.
Photo: Streetfsn

lunch meeting

Life is made for…workers. Busy, but never out of style, workers. That’s why you need the perfect outfit for any possible meeting settled.
For a daily one, there’s nothing sleeker than a color contrast effect to reach your best. Sobriety is the aim, but with a twist. So, let a printed shirt make the work for you and glamorize it with a plain color pleated skirt. Finally, go bold with a great showy necklace and a pair of (comfortable) decollet√©. The mix’n’match will make you survive the meeting, at least in style.
Photo: TheEdit