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At a dinner

Au revoir meetings and work phone calls, and welcome night life. It’s finally arrived dinner time, and there’s nothing better than enjoying it with a date at the restaurant with friends.
But, although this is not a formal occasion, and you don’t necessary need to show off your most elegant evening dress, it may be good as well to allow yourself a classy touch, that’s always good for your self-esteem (and maybe, to show your friends your last shopping deal). So, opt for a toal-lace look, made of a top and a pencil skirt, and give rythm to it with shiny accessory to make you feel your best.
Photo: Refinery29

Casual work day

Workwear is not just about suit&tie. As soon as your agenda setting allows you so, leave your usual formal uniform made of tailleur or LBD, and get a more essential and smart look. Otherwise said: steal something from your boyfriend wardrobe for a stronger appealing. A male sweater, for example, which is over enough to make you feel comfortable and super chic. Then, paly with colors contrasts to give a female touch to the look, and finish the all with one single accessory not to overdo, like a classic mannish watch.
Photo: Fashionmag

Rainy day

There’s something we can’t avoid: the grey-depressing mood of the typical humid-rainy Autumn day. Even if you’d rather lay in bed, work’s calling, and you need to be outfitted. To cheer up, better choose the right clothing, since there’s nothing worse than the wrong look in a wrong day. A cape is what you need: it’s rainproof and it’s definetly chic. To give it an unexpected twist, match it with a vintage backpack, instead of a trite tote. Then, for once, leave at home the usual biker boots, and pick up a pair of flatform brogue, for a preppy-good mood result.

Cocktail Party

When it comes to eveningwear, especially in this season, it’s no easy to realize the perfect outfit, since the dropping temperatures demand an appropriate approach to dressing.
So, if the skirt is too freezing and pants too trite, think outside the box with the jumpsuit: it’s sophisticated and unexpected. For an eye-catching result, shift your ground and match it with a biker jacket that gives urban and up-to-date taste to the whole look.
Photo: Fashionmag

Lunch Time

The perfect formula for a relaxing lunch break is: friends + style. So, call your mates, choose the right place, and get ready with a flawless look.
For an effortless one, aim at monochrome. White, for example, isn’t necessary for special occasions, especially this season, where all-white tailleur means a super-chic daytime outfit.¬†Wear it with the contrasting accessories, like a leather shoulder bag and a timeless fedora. The result will be impeccably elegant.
Photo: StreetPeeper

Out shopping

Run, run, run. When it comes to shopping, there’s nothing but to be cozy, meaning that you need to take your look fresh with the simplest shapes and the right finishes. So, oversize pieces take a ladylike direction by matching (lace) tank tops with comfortable boyish shirts. Finish the look by making a carryall or a satchel your ultimate shopping companion, and enjoy your marathon running with the most fierce ankle boots at your feet.
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Nowadays there’s nothing more chic than a brunch in the middle of the week. It’s the stressless and smarter situation you can find yourself. And so must be the outfit: simple but refined, without overlooking the details. Update a crew-neck pastel sweater with an unique pair of jeans, and finish with a pair of pointed pumps to give your look an istant shift.